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Take a test-drive of this site—you’ll find practically everything you might need to get around except a golf cart. YES…the Master Board meeting minutes are posted right here! Check the menu under “Master Board” and you’ll find them, along with announcements, an archive of past e-newsletters, and more.

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board meeting

The next Gator Trace Master Property Owners board meeting is not yet scheduled, but each will be announced here. Owners are welcome to attend. An agenda will also be posted before the meeting.

Coming Soon: Road Work at Gator Trace

Beginning about June 1, we’ll be resurfacing a number of roads at Gator Trace soon. During this time it’s important to minimize traffic, especially heavy trucks, as much as possible. All who are here during June can help protect our investment and help it go smoothly by observing the following:

  • Residents with curbside trash pickup only: your last pickup will be Tue. May 31. Curbside pickup should resume about 2 weeks later. In between, dumpsters have been placed at the end of the entry drive for you to place your garbage in.
  • Residents in single-family homes only: ideally, suspend your landscape and pool services for the week of June 6.
  • Everyone: Please avoid scheduling non-essential deliveries by large trucks such as furniture and appliances.
  • And, please try to consolidate your trips in and out of Gator Trace as much as that’s possible.

Roads will be milled (surface removed) and then paved; the current plan is for this order:
Garden Villas Ct., Gator Trace Villas Cir., Gator Trace Rd., Gator Trace Ave., Gator Trace Ln., Gator Trace Cir., Gator Trace Dr., Gator Trace Blvd. (entry drive)

Once paving is completed, the roads need to cure, so heavy truck traffic needs to be minimized through late June. Please share this information with your renters/ guests. Everyone’s patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated!

Board of Directors

Click on the button to see the current Master Board and Officers.

Board of Directors

Auto-Debit Makes it Easy

Make it easier on yourself, save checks and stamps—you’ll never need to think about paying on time again. Owners can have their quarterly master association fees paid automatically through our auto debit system (ACH). Click on the button to view a printable signup form.

Auto Debit Signup

Better Safe than Sorry

Just a security reminder that leaving valuables in your car is asking for trouble. Please be sure to safeguard your property — lock your vehicles and close your garage door.