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Take a test-drive of this site—you’ll find practically everything you need to get around except a golf cart. Master Board meeting minutes are in the menu under “Master Board,” along with announcements, an archive of past e-newsletters and more.

Need to ask a question, change your address or opt-in to e-communications? Check under the “Contact Us” menu. The monthly clubhouse calendar and newsletter is here too. Make sure to bookmark this site and check here when you need the latest information.

board meeting

The Annual Meeting of the Gator Trace Master Property Owners Association, Inc. was held February 20, 2018. The next regular meeting has not been scheduled.

Board of Directors

Click on the button to see the current Master Board and Officers.

Board of Directors

Better Safe than Sorry

Just a security reminder that leaving valuables in your car is asking for trouble. Please be sure to safeguard your property — lock your house and your vehicles and close your garage door.

What’s My Account Number?
Here’s how your easy-to-remember Master Association account numbers work. You should include yours on any checks or e-payments.

Here’s how it works: Whatever your street address is, that’s your account number. For example, 4381.

Condos/Villas: If you have a unit number, add that to your street number: 4176B or 4240E.
Garden Villas Court addresses only: add GV, like this: 4074GV
Linkside: add a dash and your unit: 4190-12 or 4190-PH5

That’s all there is to it.

A Bit About “MRTA”

The Marketable Record Title Act, Chapter 712 of the Florida Statutes, a.k.a. MRTA, requires homeowners’ associations to preserve the integrity of their declarations by filing a written notice in accordance with said chapter during the 30 years from when they were first recorded.

On July 8, 2016, the board of directors voted to approve the recording of the Statement of Marketable Title Action, which retained the status of the declaration as the source of marketable title, and renewed it for another 30-year period.

Master Association fees payment info

Each Gator Trace owner belongs to two associations. The Master Association uses Signature Property Management for our bookkeeping and dues collection services. Please check any statements you receive to confirm where to mail your payments; each sub-association collects their fees separately. This notice refers specifically to Master Association payments.

Payments are due Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1, and Oct. 1. To enjoy the ease of automatic fund transfers (EFT), just print and complete the EFT form below and under the “Forms” menu near the top of this page and mail it to Signature along with a voided check to the address on the bottom of the form.

You can also set up automatic online bill payment through your bank. Be sure to indicate your property street number (e.g. 4240E) on checks or e-payments, and have it sent to the address below.

The address to mail your Master Assoc. payment is:
  Gator Trace Master POA
   c/o CenterState Bank
   PO Box 669098
   Miami FL 33166-9427

Auto-Debit Makes it Easy

Make it easy on yourself, save checks and stamps—pay on time every time. Click here for a printable EFT signup form to have your quarterly Master association fees paid automatically (electronic funds transfer / EFT). Attach a voided check and mail to the address at bottom of form.