Welcome! to the Garden Villas at Gator Trace Association page

All owners in the Gator Trace Community belong to two different Associations: The Gator Trace Master Property Owners Association (POA), as well as the Association where you own, here: Garden Villas Homeowners Association (HOA). The POA and HOA fees are billed and paid separately (see Home page for further instruction).

Signature Property Management in Stuart, FL is the property management company for the Garden Villas HOA.
Telephone: (772) 219-4474

HOA FEES: The 2023 fees for Garden Villas are $900 per quarter. Payments are always due on Jan. 1, Apr. 1, July 1 and Oct. 1; please pay promptly to avoid late fees. Once you become an owner, you can enroll in the online portal at portal.signaturepropertymgmt.com. Here Garden Villas owners can view and pay quarterly assessments and submit a service request, among other things. This is convenient and you never have to worry about paying late fees.

You may also pay through your own online banking bill pay, or mail a check to*:

Garden Villas HOA
c/o Signature Property Mgmt
PO Box 30274
Tampa, FL 33630-3274

Please be sure your address and Master (GTM) and Garden Villas account numbers are stated on your payment. *Note: This is the same address as for your Master Association payments, which are $332/quarter in 2022. Bookkeeping is handled by Signature Property Management for both associations. However, please note that each association maintains separate budgets, and you will need to remit TWO separate payments,one payable to Garden Villas at Gator Trace HOA, and one to Gator Trace Master POA.

Your 2023 Garden Villas Board of Directors
Robbie Creswell, President
Harriet Scott, Vice President
Agnes Mical, Treasurer
Claudine White, Secretary
Fran Denman, Director at Large
Cheryl Lindsay, Director at Large
Bob Schwenz, Director at Large

Title companies: Click here to email a Garden Villas Estoppel request.

Click here for the Garden Villas Rules & Regulations document (updated 2022/2023).

Click here for a Sale Application to be completed by all purchasers of Garden Villas. Applications take a minimum of 14 days to process.

Click here for a Unit Lease Application to be completed by all prospective tenants. Applications take a minimum of 14 days to process.

Click here for the Second Amended Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions for the Garden Villas at Gator Trace (2022). Prospective owners agree to read and abide by this document.

Click here for the Amended and Restated Bylaws for the Garden Villas at Gator Trace (2022).

Click here for an Acknowledgement of Rules Receipt.

Trash pick-up days are Tuesdays and Fridays. Place trash at the end of your driveway at dusk or later the evening before pick-up inside a trash bag placed in a trash bin with a sealed lid.

Recycling pick-up is on Fridays and is “single stream.” All recyclable items may be placed in one recycle bin. No grocery bags, plastic bags, styrofoam, napkins/paper towels, or any items with food residue. Do not bag recycling material; put everything in loose. Place your recycling bin at the end of your driveway at dusk or later the evening before pick-up. At all other times, trash and recycling bins should be stored in your unit/garage.

Thank you