Dear Neighbor,

We welcome you to The Homes of Gator Trace, which are single-family homes, and a sub-association of Gator Trace Master Property Owners Association. All single-family homeowners belong to both associations.


In order for the Board to keep accurate owner records for the association, we appreciate your help by completing the Owner Information page (click here). This information is needed when we need to contact you, and in the event of an emergency.


There are five (5) Board Members, elected at our annual meeting held in March or April of each year.  The Homes of Gator Trace board members are:

Ed Cox, President
Kari Reinke, Vice-President
John Agate, Treasurer – Title Co.’s: please direct single-family home estoppel requests to John by clicking here.
Kathleen Greco, Secretary
Paul Vollrath, Board Member at Large

Contact:  The email address is

The board meets periodically as needed throughout the year. Meeting notices are provided below.

The annual fee for 2023 is $50; it is billed once a year in the spring.  The Homeowners sub-association does not own or maintain any property and does not maintain reserves. However, the Board aims to keep about $8,000 on hand for any potential emergency cleanup costs.


The association is governed by our filed HOA documents as well as the Architectural Guide Rules & Regulations. It is important as a homeowner that you are aware of how this pertains to your property. The Architectural Guide applies to all homeowners and is designed not to be a policing effort…rather the overall goal is to help maintain our neighborhood as a great place to live.

Basically, before you begin building, any exterior work, if you are considering modifying or replacing anything on the exterior of your home – paint, shutters, roof, landscape, windows, mailbox, lamp post, driveway, etc., you need to submit a request to the ARC Committee for consideration. The Application for Project Review form is in the Current Documents section below, along with the ARC Guide. If you are planning exterior work in the near future, please download both; you may contact one of the Board members listed on the bottom of the form to discuss any exterior plans that you are considering.


A mix of people regularly use our roads – walkers, bike riders, children, golf carts, etc. So please be mindful – obey speed limit signs posted throughout the community, and come to a complete stop where indicated.


Fort Pierce Utilities (FPUA) handles this and billing appears on your water/electric bill. Containers are provided for each of these services. Garbage pick-up is Tuesday and Friday; Recycling pick-up is Tuesday; and Yard Waste is picked-up on Friday. If a holiday falls on any of these days, pick-up is not until the next regularly scheduled day. Click here for recycling dos and don’ts.

Large item pickup / bulk waste (furniture, mattresses, appliances) is weekly on Tuesday morning. Place items out by 7 a.m. away from vehicles, poles, mailboxes, and other obstructions. If we are unable to reach your bulk waste due to blockage, it will not be collected.


Under the current ARC Criteria, rentals are allowed only with prior permission of the Board of Directors.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact any one of the Board members. Thank you – and welcome to the neighborhood!

Homeowners Association Annual Meeting Documents:
Notice of Intent to Run for board
General Limited Proxy

GTHOA Current Documents:
Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions (Amended 2019)
Amended and Restated Articles of Incorporation 2019
Bylaws (Amended 2019)

Architectural Guide (ARC) Rules & Regulations 2019
Application for Project Review ARC Form 06.2022

City of Fort Pierce – Helpful Sites:
Residential Refuse Collection for Gator Trace Community

City of Fort Pierce New Residents Guide

Guide to What Can Go in Your Curbside Recycling Bin

Fort Pierce Utilities Authority (FPUA) – Start/Stop Service and Pay Bill