Blue Stream Fiber at Gator Trace

Blue Stream fiber-optic services, which include TV and internet, are part of our bulk community contract as of November 2021.

Below are links to Q&As sent out to owners, the July Town Hall presentation, and the included channel lineup (Digital Core), plus optional upgrades, which include additional channel tiers you can add on your own, premium channels, internet speed upgrades, and telephone service (land line), all of which you can select and pay for on your own.

To get your service, your first step is to call the Gator Trace Customer Service number: 772-362-7200 to schedule an install. On the call you can learn what’s included and about optional services (also see the documents below), and select your installation date. Someone over 18 must be home for the installation, during which you’ll receive instruction on how to use the remote control and other features.

Be sure to always use our Gator Trace Customer Service number: 772-362-7200, not a different phone number printed on your invoice or that you find online.

Below are materials related to our services; you can click on any of them to view, download, and/or print them. The most recent are at the top.

October 15 2021 Blue Stream TV and Internet Q&A

October 2021 Blue Stream TV and Internet Q&A

August 2021 Blue Stream Q&A

What’s included and pricing for optional upgrade services

Digital Core channel lineup (in blue) and optional channel tiers (in black)

Summary of questions from July Town Hall Zoom presentation

July Town Hall presentation

May 2021 Gator Trace Blue Stream 1st Q&A